Increasing Social Engagement for Sichuan Province

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Social Engagement in Destination Marketing

Visit Sichuan is a government run project with the aim to attract tourists from around the globe to the Sichuan province in southwestern China. The Sichuan province is an incredible destination, filled with wildlife, nature, traditional cuisine, and vast varying landscapes with breathtaking views. Given this, we made use of beautiful photography and video footage to produce enticing videos, graphics and content to be used for the campaign.

Sichuan is also known as the “home of the Giant Panda”, so there was an opportunity to feature this iconic and eye-catching animal in our campaigns.

Visit Sichuan required a boost in engaged followers on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, as well as an increase in impressions, video views and engagement across five of their existing Facebook campaigns. Crowd used the following as a basis in boosting engagement:

  • Chuanxi: using videos and imagery to showcase the Chuanxi region in Sichuan
  • Secrets of Sichuan: a 30 second video created to post on social promoting various ‘secret’ aspects of the Sichuan province
  • HTML5: creation of ten HTML5 microsites on different areas of the Sichuan region, and ten short videos to go with them to be used on social targeted at mobile devices
  • Panda: using videos and imagery of pandas to gain engagement
  • UNWTO: promoting a past event held in Chengdu, the capital of Sichuan, using previous video footage, but updated captions

Although the overall campaign was based around social media, Crowd produced ten HTML5 microsites to be linked to from Facebook, which can be seen here: Each site focused on a different aspect of Sichuan, such as culture, food, and wildlife.

Ten videos were also produced for social posts to entice the target audience to click through to the HTML5 site, with which we reached a total number of 4,185 link clicks (solely on mobile) to the various microsites.

We posted two Facebook posts daily. Crowd produced a content calendar to keep track of all posts and ads and a timetable for publishing. Due to the nature of the campaign, we were often given last minute requests with very short notice, requiring us to adapt and make constant updates to achieve the client’s targets. As there were so many different campaigns running, it was vital to keep track of them all to ensure they were all optimised and performing to their full potential, particularly the page likes campaigns on Facebook as different regions within Sichuan had different targets.

In addition to organic page posts, Crowd also ran a large number of paid and boosted posts to reach new audiences and encourage additional page likes.

Crowd exceeded the KPIs: increasing the number of followers on all three channels (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter), impressions, video views and engagement.

Comparing the campaign results to previous months, we increased:

Facebook followers by 120%
Instagram followers by 246%
Twitter followers by 30%
Facebook impressions by 5454%
Instagram impressions by 1295%
Facebook engagement by 1457%
Instagram engagement by 181%
Twitter engagement by 13%

The results definitely show a positive correlation between a greater number of impressions and an increase in followers. More imagery and video content, as well as a greater level of original and educational content about the province greatly increased the engagement levels on the Facebook page, along with an impressive rise in followers.

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