Increasing Social Engagement for China

Global Social Media Campaign to Encourage Visitors to Sichuan, China

A beautiful part of Southwestern China, Sichuan is a hidden gem, but limited numbers of western tourists visit. As a result the Tourist Board asked Crowd to create an awareness and attraction campaign to raise awareness of this unique Asian destination, and establish an engaged and informed audience for future campaigns.

Crowd’s experience in the creation of large-scale, national destination marketing campaigns, as well as several regional campaigns in both the US and UK, meant that we had the experience required to achieve what Visit Sichuan needed.

We are also one of very few global agencies with a strong presence in China, making us the perfect strategic partner for this complex marketing project.

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    Visit Sichuan

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    Social Media Campaign, Performance Marketing, Website Design

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Create a campaign that promotes Sichuan that appeals to a diverse and global audience: UK, US, Canada, Australia, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Singapore and Malaysia. Coordinate planning and efforts with our China-based client – fully aligning their thinking and our promotional plans in a culturally sensitive and promotionally effective manner.


Crowd worked closely with the Visit Sichuan Tourist Board to create a campaign that established a friendly and approachable interface that potential visitors could engage with. Transforming perceptions and creating a welcoming and interesting campaign, we positively shifted thinking on the province – inspiring people to come and explore modern China and the Sichuan area specifically.

Crowd created ten HTML5 microsites promoting different aspects of the region. Greatly inspired by the success of targeted user-experiences on Chinese social platforms, we created a series of interactive experiences, inspired by Chinese technology (WeChat and Mini-programs) – each targeting individual audiences with a range of interests.



By creating original and engaging content we helped increase awareness of the Sichuan province, and boosted social media followers.

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We were very pleased at the way Crowd promoted Sichuan on our social media channels and exceeded our KPIs. The campaign results were excellent, and we are sure that visitor numbers have grown as a result. Thanks to Crowd, many more people will experience this amazing place. We are immensely proud of our province, and welcome the world to come and visit us.

Mai Li

Manager of Chengdu Media Group

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