Crowd’s Strategic Foresight

Creating a road map that works both today, and for the future demands an immersive, multilayered approach to planning. Crowd’s Strategic Foresight combines historic data, future trends, consumer analysis, global and local insights, and award-winning creativity. The end result is a strategy that leads rather than follows, and uncovers a position that takes full advantage of opportunities both today, and tomorrow.

The Strategic Foresight Process

Technical Insight
Identify and assess present and emerging technologies such as AI, and Web 3.

Competitive Insight
Research current and developmental competitors, products, and services.

Cultural Insight
Analysing current and shifting drivers and perceptions across markets

Consumer Insight
In-depth understanding of current and changing socio-economic factors and lifestyle choices.

Strategic Foresight
The result of combining the 4 insight areas to deliver one future-proof approach.

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