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Sedar Global brings together international curtains and upholstered interior trends, delivering bespoke designs to its customers.

An industry trailblazer, the company’s brand is synonymous with robust and long-lasting products.


With significant market share across the region, Sedar Global was always perceived as a traditional brand, appealing mostly to local and expat Arab consumers. Commercially, they were priced slightly above market rates, limiting opportunities to reach and engage new audiences across their target markets.

Media strategies considered mainly offline channels, allowing competitors to rally ahead and increase their share of voice with digital ad buying. This meant Sedar Global required a robust digital paid strategy to amplify its brand positioning and grow its community.


Conducting a landscape review and competitor audit exercise, key learnings informed planning and were used to define Sedar Global’s social media objectives, key messages, content pillars, tone of voice, and the measurement framework needed to track growth and content performance.

Crowd also created a community management playbook, clearly defining how best to communicate and engage with our fans and followers across social channels. Since we had multiple Arab markets to manage, a multilingual approach needed to be developed with a custom response plan for FAQ and enquiries.

Using social listening to monitor trends, we also took a proactive approach to join conversations and participate in viral campaigns that could maximise content reach. This included tactics like Drake’s new album adaptation, Little Miss Sunshine trend, Habibi Come to Dubai and many more.

We also launched a multi-layered digital media strategy to run awareness campaigns to position Sedar Global top of mind. We did this with the support of tactical campaigns that promoted sales and key promotional offers during seasonal events. These campaigns encouraged online sales and in-store footfall to boutique stores across the region.


  • 191%
    increase in engagement rate
  • 447%
    increase in community growth
  • 68%
    increase in social enquiries received

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