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Launching The Emotive ‘The Day I Was Told’ Campaign To Support Women With Breast Cancer

An interactive digital education tool supports women through their breast cancer journey.

Amoena creates a range of mastectomy bras, swimwear and breast symmetry products.

Crowd was initially commissioned by Amoena to create an interactive tool that offered sales functionality and also showcased the company’s impressive brand journey (key markets in multiple languages).

From working closely with the client team, we went on to develop an internal and external marketing transformation journey – flagged to be one of their most important marketing campaigns ever.


Goals included: Support women through breast cancer, help them regain confidence in their physical appearance; empower and educate Amoena’s staff, instil a sense of pride in the company and the good work it does.


Amoena’s historical sales and customer behaviour data helped Crowd establish a need for an innovative digital tool that could offer: useful information on each stage of the customer’s cancer journey; specialist underwear advice for each stage of the customer’s challenging physical journey.

This personalised online tool was part of the overarching ‘Supporting Confidence’ brand transformation initiative. Inspired by real people, with real experiences, The Day I was Told interactive microsite features videos and insights from women that have been through a breast cancer diagnosis and treatment journey.

Women in the UK, USA, Germany and France took part, and their video revelations unlocked unique and powerful insights that women at the early stages of their own journey found reassuring. Crowd managed a multi-market social media campaign to launch this initiative, using short clips from our video interviews to invite people to find out more on the website.


  • +4m
    Facebook Impressions (5x the Forecasted Number)
  • 1.1m
    Video Views
  • 1.2m
    Engagements from Target Audiences

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