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The Cutting Edge Channel Platform

Helping the world’s leading kitchen technology brand with product ideation.

Kenwood are one of the most well known brands in the world thanks to their classic kitchen appliances. Despite producing the much loved Kenwood Chef, they’re not a company that stands still with the constant need to keep up with food trends and technical innovations.

Kenwood came to Crowd with a very specific problem: their existing way of gathering consumer intelligence was laborious and time consuming. How could they streamline the process?


Kenwood were not only looking for new ideas in kitchen technology, but also ideas that already had the backing of a secure collective of end users, innovators and designers.

We threw down the challenge to a range of communities and assembled a working group of dedicated innovators who would help Kenwood solve common kitchen problems with products that they could take to market.


We came up with the concept of an innovators community called The Cutting Edge, where a select few food bloggers and social influencers would be invited to contribute and discuss ideas on how to improve food preparation. They would be rewarded for participating with amazing ‘money can’t buy’ experiences as well as vouchers to spend in the Kenwood store.

We began with a three-phase approach: firstly we began researching our crowd on social media and the wider web, thus generating a database of people to invite. Secondly, we worked on the invitation and application process to ensure the proposition would be enticing to our crowd and to make the process as easy and engaging as possible. Lastly, we built a bespoke application process and community hub, which provides a secure system complete with points accumulation and blog to provide inspiration and get the cogs whirring.


  • 180
    Pre-launch Registrations
  • 3K+
    Comments and Ideas
  • 105
    Average Comments Per Idea

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