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Taking Down Scaffolding


In the world of façade renovation, Thomann-Hanry are unique.

Compared to scaffolding, their process is faster, has a smaller carbon footprint, and doesn’t restrict access to a building, which can have a large financial impact. They just needed a way to communicate all this in a succinct marketing campaign.


Thomann-Hanry are the only company in the world to use a hydraulic platform instead of scaffolding. This means they can dramatically cut down costs, time and disruption.

However, in a marketplace where scaffolding is always seen as the obvious choice, Thomann-Hanry has to work hard to shift perception and change behaviour.


Before we talked about the positives of Thomann-Hanry, we needed to start a conversation about the negatives of scaffolding.

Inspired by the sculpture artist Ben Long, we created a series of striking images that used scaffolding itself to illustrate the various negatives of this tired, and traditional method.

These images were then used across social as videos and stills that direct people to a dedicated campaign landing page.


Overall Impressions
Video Views
We are always looking to innovate our comms with our marketing and this campaign was by far the most creative concept we have ever delivered! It was a real success, reaching out to the right people at the right time. There is nothing but wonderful things to say and we hope this fruitful relationship can live a long and healthy life.
Claudia Colombo
Senior PR and Marketing Manager

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