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Search Marketing for Real Estate Developer

Eagle Hills is an Abu Dhabi-based private real estate investment and development company that creates large-scale property developments.

We first developed the company’s Search Engine Optimised (SEO) website, This generated significant volumes of enquiries and sales. In 2019, we created and executed a comprehensive search engine optimisation strategy – a plan with the power and scope to secure digital positioning and improve marketing and visibility in the search marketing space.


Both the local and regional market search landscape is highly competitive. Large market-leading brands dominate the developer space, and Eagle Hills also competes against well-funded, well-established property portals. Our job was to boost the effectiveness of our SEO-enabled content output, improve search engine ranking and strengthen market positioning online.


Crowd carried out a full SEO audit which looked at keyword volumes, search activity, competition, PR and social and checked technical SEO. We then devised a full strategy to boost brand exposure and exposure for development locations and their unique selling points.

Based on audit and customer behaviour data, we implemented content updates and guided the client’s content team, providing examples and topics for client’s content team to generate. The strategic SEO plan was actioned, and monitoring and reporting on search performance has demonstrated that our proposed combination of improvements is delivering very positive results.


Increase in Organic Leads Than Other Channels
Position for Project Location
Average Session Duration
Being part of this project is something I feel very proud of. Working closely with the team and the client to understand their goals and achieving them beyond the mark was a remarkable experience. Together, we created a highly scalable product that is rapidly growing.
Labib Jaffar
Designer at Crowd

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