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Repositioning Creativity With CT

Creative Technology (CT) is a global company that specialises in providing audiovisual, lighting, and staging solutions for various events and productions.


Creative Technology faced the task of positioning itself as an industry and innovative thought leader, raising awareness and engagement with target audiences, and driving high-quality enquiries and leads through a new website.


To achieve these goals, the team embarked on a project to create a website that aligned with the new brand guidelines and presented up to three different creative design routes. They opted to build the website using the WordPress Content Management System, providing complete control over content and enabling custom page creations.

The primary focus was on creating a site that educated and inspired its audiences through informative content, effectively communicating the product benefits offered by Creative Technology. To guide the design process, the team developed wireframes, architectural diagrams, and interactive prototypes, while a detailed technical specification was drafted to define the site’s functionality and integrations, laying the groundwork for the UX process.

To ensure seamless data collection and inquiries, the team integrated the website with the CRM platform Salesforce, streamlining the lead capture process. Simplicity in navigation and user journeys were prioritised, allowing users to access desired information effortlessly.

In terms of user experience, the team crafted an inspiring, sleek, and modern user interface design, incorporating interactive animations and hover effects. Special attention was given to making the site SEO-ready, integrating SEO plugin tools to optimise page content continuously.


The resulting website was initially delivered in English, with provisions in place for adding additional languages in the future.

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