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Muse – Empowering Creativity and Sustainability at SXSW


Crowd, faced the challenge of finding an innovative way to showcase its client Spreadshop’s print-on-demand merchandise capabilities at SXSW, a globally acclaimed event for music, tech, film, and culture. Our team sought a unique solution that would empower attendees to visualise their ideas and designs, while also aligning with Spreadshop’s commitment to driving positive change and sustainability.


To address the challenge, Crowd conceptualised and developed “Muse,” a groundbreaking AI experience exclusively created for Spreadshop. Muse harnessed the power of artificial intelligence to enable attendees to bring their creative visions to life by printing their designs on various merchandise. The cutting-edge AI-driven platform not only facilitated custom printing on 100% organic cotton T-shirts but also explored the emerging trend of Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs) as a medium for artistic expression.



The introduction of Muse at SXSW proved to be an overwhelming success, surpassing expectations on multiple fronts:

Empowering Creativity: Muse revolutionised the way attendees interacted with Spreadshop’s merchandise offerings. The AI-driven experience provided a seamless and intuitive interface for users to visualise their ideas, leading to an explosion of creativity and engagement at the event. Participants embraced the opportunity to transform their ideas into personalised designs, ranging from T-shirts to water bottles.

Sustainable Initiatives: By offering 100% organic cotton T-shirts as a canvas for creativity, Muse furthered Spreadshop’s commitment to sustainability and #SpreadPositiveChange. The initiative resonated with environmentally conscious attendees and showcased how technology can play a pivotal role in driving sustainable practices in the merchandise industry.

NFT Exploration: Muse’s integration of Non-Fungible Tokens allowed attendees to explore novel ways of expressing creativity and ownership of digital art. This forward-thinking approach not only captured the attention of tech-savvy individuals but also positioned Spreadshop as a forward-looking brand embracing the future of merchandise and collectibles.

Thought Leadership: Crowd’s founder, Jamie Sergeant, along with industry leaders Jon Vlassopulos and Dennis Doerfl, engaged the audience with an enlightening panel discussion. They explored the future of merchandise and collectibles, shedding light on innovative practices and empowering artists with greater control over their work and royalties. This thought leadership solidified Crowd’s position as an authority in the creative landscape.

Global Recognition: By participating in SXSW and showcasing Muse, Crowd effectively shone a spotlight on UK creativity and innovation on the international stage. The success of Muse garnered significant media attention and highlighted the potential of AI-driven experiences in enhancing artistic expression and customer engagement.

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