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Global Product Launch

In 2022, Crowd’s successful partnership with Logitech Ultimate Ears (Logitech) in Australia paved the way for a global launch of its revolutionary WONDERBOOM 3 speakers, with a specific focus on five European markets – the UK, France, Spain, Germany and Switzerland.


Logitech faced several challenges when the team approached Crowd in late 2021 to launch its latest innovation – the WONDERBOOM 3 speakers. The primary goal was to create a compelling storytelling campaign that effectively demonstrated the exceptional capabilities of these new speakers. The creative proposition needed to go beyond simply showcasing product features and resonate with a diverse range of audience personas in multiple languages. There was a particular emphasis on engaging consumers in the United Kingdom, France, Spain, Germany, and Switzerland.

Logitech aimed to engage audiences across multiple markets. Targeting audio lovers, enthusiastic partygoers, and music loving families alike, the campaign had to convey the message that the WONDERBOOM 3 speakers were the ultimate choice..


Crowd fully managed both video and music production for this global campaign, guiding the creative direction from concept to campaign delivery. This included collaborating with leading music producers, Laurence Nelson-Boudville and Julian Napolitano, to develop a unique and considered soundtrack for the campaign, creating a truly captivating (and memorable) audiovisual experience.

Additionally, a dedicated photoshoot captured a diverse portfolio of image assets for use across various marketing and advertising channels throughout the campaign. This created a truly captivating and memorable audiovisual experience.

Safeguarding campaign consistency across all marketing touchpoints, social media content packs were created. These included versions of the hero video, designed to boost engagement and resonance on Instagram, TikTok, Facebook and others.

Crowd spearheaded an influencer campaign, strategically selecting influential content creators across multiple markets. Leveraging their reach, we authentically showcased the creative campaign platform ‘#LetItOut’, showing what it truly meant to them. This approach amplified the campaign and fostered a connection with diverse audiences, further strengthening the brand’s presence.


The results of our influencer campaign surpassed expectations, driving impactful awareness for Logitech’s WONDERBOOM 3 speakers. With a remarkable total of 560k Reel plays and 236k Story impressions, the campaign has made a significant impact.

Moreover, it has generated nearly 700 website clicks, indicating strong audience engagement. Across all markets, the campaign has outperformed average branded content campaigns, achieving an average of 35% more Reel plays.

Spain emerged as the highest over-achieving market, surpassing expectations by an impressive 102%, followed by the UK at 50%. Our Spanish influencers played a pivotal role in this success, garnering a total of 243k Reel plays and 108k Story impressions.


Influencer campaign results

  • 560k
    Reel Plays
  • 236k
    Story Impressions
  • +650
    Website Clicks

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