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Baxter – Launching Voalte Mobile and Expanding in the European Market

Baxter, a renowned healthcare company, embarked on a strategic initiative to launch Voalte Mobile, a cutting-edge communication solution, and expand its presence in the European market.

With a focus on creative strategy, media strategy, and brand development, Crowd aimed to establish brand awareness, generate leads, and provide value to potential customers through targeted content and campaigns.


The key challenge for Crowd was to effectively launch Voalte Mobile and gain traction in the European market. This required a comprehensive strategy to ensure brand awareness and lead conversion, supported by uniformed brand visuals. Additionally, Crowd needed to create content and localisations for European audiences to lay the groundwork for the European launch.


To address the challenge, Crowd’s strategy was divided into several components:

  • Creative Strategy and Media Strategy: Crowd developed a comprehensive creative strategy to communicate the value proposition of Voalte Mobile effectively. This involved identifying target profiles and user selling points, crafting compelling claims, and conducting competitor analysis to differentiate the product in the market. A media strategy was devised to reach the target audience through organic and paid media channels.
  • Web Development and Social Media Strategy: Crowd worked on the development of a user-friendly website with optimised content and design, supported by SEO research. A social media plan was put in place to create engaging content and manage a content calendar to ensure consistent brand communication.
  • Event Design and Video Production: Crowd designed engaging event materials such as banners, flyers, and cushion/coaster designs to promote the launch event at HETT. Emotive and product videos were produced, using storyboarding and video editing to showcase the features and benefits of Voalte Mobile.
  • Consulting and Account Management: Crowd provided strategic advice and consulting throughout the process to align all efforts with the overall goals. Account management ensured smooth project execution and timely delivery of deliverables.


The launch of Voalte Mobile was successful, with the identified priority elements delivered and approved. The launch event at HETT garnered brand awareness and lead conversions. The content creation efforts and localisations paved the way for the European launch, with a focus on case studies, collaborations, and webinars to add value to potential customers. The continuous efforts throughout 2023 and 2024 supported Baxter’s time-sensitive phases and established Voalte Mobile as a strong communication solution in the healthcare market.

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