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Crowd Delivers Dynamic Results With Spreadgroup

Spreadshop is a dynamic print-on-demand company known for its dedication to sustainability and customer satisfaction.

It offers a diverse range of customisable apparel and eco-friendly products through their website.


The challenge presented to Crowd was to craft a compelling marketing proposition for Spreadshop, with a central emphasis on sustainability. The primary objective was to establish a unique selling proposition (USP) that would set Spreadshop apart from its competitors in the print-on-demand industry. A key part of the endeavour was to integrate SPOD (Spreadshirt Print-On-Demand), effectively merging it with the Spreadshop brand, to create a cohesive and seamless brand experience.

The task required careful analysis and strategising to develop a marketing approach that would resonate with consumers, highlighting Spreadshop’s commitment to sustainability. The goal was to position the brand as an eco-friendly and socially responsible choice for personalised print-on-demand products. The challenge also involved creating a comprehensive brand experience by combining the strengths of both Spreadshop and SPOD, resulting in a unified and impactful customer journey.


Crowd used a phased approach that allowed Crowd to systematically address the challenge of sustainability, gradually transforming Spreadshop into a more eco-conscious and customer-focused brand.

We began by launching the Journey website; a content hub that aims to tell and record the story of Spreadshop’s move to become a more sustainable company. Using stories in this way allows Spreadshop to communicate the wins (and losses) of their journey in an honest and transparent way and provides a destination for incoming links from other websites and social media.

Crowd are continuing to work with Spreadshop on a number of communications initiatives that will put Spreadshop at the forefront of sustainability in the print-on-demand sector.


The launch of the Journey website is just the first element of a complex marketing strategy that will see exciting developments for Spreadshop and their customers.

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