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Creative Brand Repositioning

Spreadshop is a dynamic, sustainability focussed, print-on demand company based in the US that offers a wide selection of customisable apparel and accessories.


Crowd was tasked with developing a compelling marketing proposition for Spreadshop, with a central emphasis on its sustainability credentials. The primary objective was to establish a unique selling proposition (USP) that would set Spreadshop apart from its competitors in the print-on-demand industry. A key part of the endeavour was to integrate SPOD (Spreadshirt Print-On Demand) and effectively merge it with the master Spreadshop brand, to create a cohesive and seamless brand experience.

The goal was to position the brand as an eco-friendly and socially responsible choice for personalised print-on-demand products. The challenge also involved creating a comprehensive brand experience by combining the strengths of both Spreadshop and SPOD, resulting in a unified and impactful customer journey.


Crowd used a phased approach to systematically address the challenge of sustainability, gradually transforming Spreadshop into a more eco-conscious and customer-focused brand. The task required careful analysis and strategising to develop a marketing approach that would resonate with consumers, highlighting Spreadshop’s commitment to sustainability.

We began by launching the Journey website; a content hub that aims to tell (and record) the story of Spreadshop’s move to become a more sustainable company. Using stories in this way allows Spreadshop to communicate the wins (and losses) of their journey in an honest and transparent way and provides a destination for incoming links from other websites and social media.

Crowd is now marketing the new brand proposition out to Spreadshop’s audience, while also bringing new people into the brand via a best practice social media strategy. We have developed a dedicated TikTok content strategy, publishing daily onto the platform, as well as an active Instagram channel to best reach and engage our target audience.


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  • 1.7k%
    Reach growth on Instagram
  • 81.1%
    Video views growth on TikTok
  • 757.1%
    Growth in likes on TikTok

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