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Amplifying Good: Dorset Mind and Crowd

Dorset Mind is a local mental health charity, dedicated to providing support to the community.

Through a comprehensive range of services, including support groups, counselling, training, and education programs, they annually reach over 22,000 individuals. Their primary mission is to prevent and ensure that anyone experiencing mental health issues can seek the support they need, making a meaningful impact on the lives of those in need.


As a leading mental health charity, Dorset Mind faced the challenge of effectively reaching and assisting individuals navigating their mental health challenges. The existing website needed improvement in terms of user experience and accessibility. Finding information and support on the website was not always easy and straightforward, potentially hindering users from accessing the help they required promptly.


To address the challenge, Dorset Mind embarked on a website redesign project in collaboration with our team. The primary goal was to optimise the user experience, ensuring visitors could easily navigate the site and find relevant information. A redeveloped content structure was implemented, enhancing the website’s organisation and user-friendliness. A new ‘I need…’ drop-down menu was introduced on the homepage, empowering users to access the support they required with just a few clicks.

The website redesign also focused on creating an engaging experience for visitors. Compelling storytelling, impactful images, and thought-provoking videos were incorporated to inspire empathy, understanding, and support for mental health issues. Additionally, a new CRM system was integrated to streamline communication channels and manage the database more efficiently, ensuring timely responses to inquiries.


The revamped Dorset Mind website achieved remarkable results. The improved user experience made it significantly easier for individuals to find the information and resources they needed. With a more streamlined user journey, users could access help and information quickly and effectively.

The introduction of a sticky site header, featuring prominent calls to action such as ‘Urgent help’ and ‘Donate,’ encouraged active involvement from visitors, enabling them to contribute to the charity’s noble cause effortlessly. The addition of an events calendar allowed users to explore and participate in activities aligned with their interests, fostering greater engagement with the organisation.

The integration of the new CRM system transformed the way Dorset Mind managed its communication strategy. With a centralised approach, staff members could efficiently respond to inquiries without the need to check multiple inboxes, improving overall customer service.

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