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Creating Content With Belkin

Belkin is a prominent technology company known for developing and manufacturing innovative consumer electronics, networking devices, and mobile accessories.

With a strong global presence, Belkin offers a wide range of products, including wireless chargers, routers, cables, and smartphone cases.


In our initial kick-off session, it became evident that Belkin needed to establish clear objectives for research and insights gathering. There was a critical need to delve deeper into the creative elements for both user-generated and Crowd-generated content.


We started our journey with Belkin by developing a comprehensive proposal and commercials, leveraging the initial briefs they provided us and an extensive series of discovery sessions and calls. With our project structure, launch strategy, influencer brief, and weekly meeting schedule all in place, we were able to move on to a successful in-person creative kick-off session, where we delved deeper into the creative elements for both user-generated and Crowd-generated content. The project management processes were set up, and all necessary contracts and invoices were handled efficiently.

Throughout these collaborative sessions, we dedicated ourselves to unravelling the intricacies of our client’s needs and objectives, aiming to uncover their specific requirements and desired outcomes. By immersing ourselves in this process, we forged a deeper understanding of their expectations and set the stage for a successful partnership.

Our approach included creating an extensive pool of content that fosters diversity and enables localisation across various regions and platforms. Additionally, our team was able to offer content localisation services, the delivery of publishing-ready assets that incorporate Belkin branding, and messaging to maintain a consistent brand identity.

As part of our commitment to effective community management, we provide detailed monthly reports that encompass social engagement and data from the three content streams. This allowed us to track and analyse the impact of our strategies and make informed adjustments as needed.

We take pride in our role in helping Belkin achieve their goals and establish a robust brand identity across multiple platforms and regions. By implementing our comprehensive content strategy, Belkin has been able to maintain consistency, adapt to local markets, and build a strong and recognisable brand presence.


Belkin’s social media accounts experienced positive growth on Instagram and TikTok. Impressions and unique reach increased in all regions on Instagram, while video views improved across all TikTok regions.

Consistent follower growth was observed in most regions.

The inclusion of more video-focused content proved successful in boosting reach on Instagram and increasing page views. We recognise that slow organic growth is expected for newer accounts, as it helps build an engaged community of loyal brand followers over time.

To further enhance performance, we are excited to implement a user-generated content strategy, a paid media strategy, and an influencer strategy in May. These initiatives are expected to drive followers, increase engagement, and optimise overall account performance.

  • Positive growth on Belkin’s social media accounts in April 2023.
  • Instagram experienced increased impressions and unique reach across all regions.
  • TikTok saw improved video views across all regions.
  • Consistent follower growth in most regions, with slight declines noted in the UK and MEA accounts.
  • Strategy adjustment planned for May to focus on follower growth.
  • Video-focused content contributed to increased reach on Instagram and more page views.
  • Slow organic growth expected for newer accounts, aiming to build an engaged community of loyal brand followers over time.
  • Anticipating improvement in performance with the launch of user-generated content strategy, paid media strategy, and influencer strategy in May.

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