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Belkin is a prominent technology company known for developing and manufacturing innovative consumer electronics, networking devices, and mobile accessories.

With a strong global presence, Belkin offers a wide range of products, including wireless chargers, routers, cables, and protective smartphone cases.


Since launching the Belkin social media accounts across seven European markets in March 2023, Crowd discovered the need to establish clear research and insights-gathering objectives. The team also identified a critical need to analyse creative elements for user generated and Crowd-generated content.

A consistent approach towards the localisation of content in all required EU languages was essential, allowing Belkin to connect with potential customers and product users in a highly personalised and memorable way.

Crowd Europe were also tasked to develop ways to creatively present Belkin’s range of tech products in alignment with short- form video and motion graphic trends on Instagram and TikTok.


Our journey with Belkin started by developing a comprehensive proposal and campaign commercials. Leveraging the initial briefs, with insights shared during a series of project discovery sessions, a detailed and informed project structure, launch strategy, and influencer brief was produced.

A successful in-person kick-off session focused on creative elements for user-generated and Crowd-generated content, and subsequent collaborative sessions greatly improved our understanding of the client’s needs, objectives and desired outcomes, setting the stage for a successful client/agency partnership.

Our creative approach – to develop an extensive pool of content, fostering diversity by optimising localised content across regions and platforms. By delivering market-relevant, audience-ready assets we also maintained a consistent brand identity.

In addition to Crowd crafted content, an effective user-generated content and influencer content strategy was activated. This accelerated reach, built brand trust amongst core target communities, and improved brand relevance during key times of the commercial year.

Community management added depth to our communications strategy. By managing each of Belkin’s social media platforms we monitored, tracked and analysed campaigns and content – making data informed adjustments and optimising in real-time. Detailed monthly reports on social engagement and data from three different content streams accompanied this work, allowing us to monitor activity relating to Belkin’s strategic topic pillars.


During key sales periods, carefully targeted paid media campaigns were launched by Crowd, each generating demand for select products, driving sales conversions on the Belkin website and via Amazon online shopping platforms.


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