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Delivering a Digital Business Review Platform For Dubai Airports

Digital Business Report – Creating an interactive microsite for Dubai Airports.

Dubai Airports (DXB) is the busiest airport by international passenger traffic – 89 million passengers in 2019.

In 2013, Crowd was asked to develop a digital Annual Business Report for Dubai Airports in English and Arabic. Progress and development news needs to be shared with partners, government agencies and stakeholders, and this digital format instantly improved both readability and reach. As frequency and volume of communications evolved, a new Business Review Microsite was needed.


Previously, the Yearbook was ‘fixed’ and only published annually – content quickly went out of date. Content now has to be updated quarterly, so things had to change. To do this, the communications staff needed to update the report in-house to avoid delay. The Business Review Microsite had to be accessible, easily updatable, and make information come to life.


The Dubai Airports Business Review Microsite is a mobile-friendly, WordPress microsite in English and Arabic. This easy-to-navigate scrolling page incorporates videos, carousels and animations for each area of interest, and there is an archive for older posts so that valuable PR content builds up over time.

Our deep understanding of the client’s needs and audience interactions informed our development and report interactions. Data intelligence and audience insights guided the development team. As a result we created an accessible, interactive, animated and archivable digital report format that everyone enjoys to read.

We carefully track the areas of reader interest, allowing us to focus on the content that matters. Data analysis and content strategy helps us design and improve the customer experience. As one of the first assets to incorporate Dubai Airports’ new branding, this report is an extension of DA’s new corporate brand, helping to familiarise employees and reader audiences with its fresh identity.


  • 40%
    Improvement in Page Load Speed, Especially on Mobile
  • 300%
    Increase in Page Count, Which is Conducive to Better SEO
  • 171
    Countries Accessed in First Two Months

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