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Paid Media Strategy

Leading with an umbrella creative concept to communicate the value propositions for Eats and Business Travel, Crowd adapted and localised creatives to resonate more and deliver higher ad engagement for our audience pools.

Focusing on LinkedIn as a primary channel, campaigns were optimised for native form submissions and website sessions to service-based landing pages.


Uber For Business had a fragmented digital presence across Europe, with several regions only repurposing US content and messaging without localising creatives or optimising for select audiences accordingly.

In other regions, campaigns were paused or not running at all, resulting in low awareness and not being able to achieve the same success as their direct-to-consumer brands – Uber Eats or Uber Mobility.

With little control of the main Uber For Business website for goal tracking, the challenge was to establish a cohesive and targeted brand awareness campaign with localised strategies for target markets that we could track and attribute conversions.


The Crowd EU team ran a series of workshops with Uber’s global and local teams to identify project requirements and short and long term KPIs and marketing needs. This also allowed us to become fully immersed in the company’s CRM workflows.

We then developed a tailored media strategy for both Uber Eats and Rides services, focusing on awareness and conversion paths for all markets.

For Spain and Portugal, we also produced monthly social media content with strategic pillars to highlight new services, events and educational posts about the brand and industry.


  • +1.5m
    ad impressions in Q3 2022
  • +16K
    clicks across in Q3 2022
  • +170
    MQLs generated in Q3 2022

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