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Blockbuster Success for Environmental Social Campaign

Footprint is a US company at the cutting edge of sustainability and material science, and are creating real alternatives to single-use plastic packaging.


To help raise awareness of the problems of single-use plastic, Footprint briefed Crowd to create a social campaign to leverage nominations for the film ‘Dark Waters’ at the Environmental Media awards. The film is a true story about a US chemical company knowingly poisoning a small American town, and complements Footprint’s mission to expose the true impact of plastic on both our health and the environment.


By using footage from the original film, Crowd wrote and produced two social videos. The videos were then promoted on Facebook in the week running up to the awards and invited people to share the film, in order to share the truth.

When Dark Waters won the award, we switched the campaign strategy to build on this momentum and used Facebook ads to promote a Facebook Live Q&A event with key people associated with the film. This ran for several days to drive interest in the event.

The media spend was used to maximum effect aligned to the objectives, with a low cost-per-result (views, event responses) and a low frequency, ensuring we reached as many people in our target audience as possible.


  • 811k+
    Overall Impressions
  • 900
    Shares within 1 week
  • 258k+
    ThruPlay views

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