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1,934 Meters of Incredible

Jebel Jais is the UAEs’ highest peak and is a part of the regional Hajar Mountain ranges that were formed millions of years ago in Ras Al Khaimah and Oman.

Jebel Jais towers 1,934 meters above sea level and boasts vistas, adventure activities as well as the World’s Longest Zipline and various other outdoor offerings.

The Jebel Jais brand is owned and operated through the Ras Al Khaimah Tourism Development Authority. Ras Al Khaimah, being the Gulf Tourism Capital of 2020, made for the perfect position from which to launch Jebel Jais’ wide range of offerings later in 2019, with the 1,934 Meters of Incredible campaign.


Jebel Jais approached Crowd with a simple challenge, however, one that would require a unique approach to its execution; bringing a fresh take on the Jebel Jais mountain and how it could be communicated to the wider regional audience and market. Jebel Jais needed to:

  • Increase regional awareness of the wide range of offerings and activities at Jebel Jais and its operating centres on the mountain.
  • Increase bookings for those key activities, such as the World’s Longest Zipline, through websites such as Platinum list.


Using Crowd creativity, and a local understanding of our audience, we developed the campaign proposition: 1,934 Meters of Incredible.

As well as being the highest peak in the UAE, Jebel Jais also offers the most exhilarating experiences. By combining these two USPs we created the tagline 1,934 Meters of Incredible.

Not only does the line remind consumers of the incredible physical height of the mountains, but it also communicates that every single meter of this magnificent destination offers the opportunity of excitement and adventure.

By adding a physical height into the strapline, we also create a platform to highlight different experiences at different points.

To showcase each offering, Crowd opted to make use of User Generated Content for creative development. This style of content would provide further humanisation of the brand, and add to the flavour of raw and unedited adventure.

This idea allows us to showcase various activities in a unique and interesting way, and can work across all platforms.

How it was executed:

To ensure that the message of what 1,934 Meters of Incredible was communicated to our local UAE audience, Crowd executed an ambitious omnichannel media plan, emphasising digital but supported by an always-on OOH campaign, to reinforce our digital communications. Those placements included:

Out of Home Media Placements

  • Sheikh Zayed Road Hoarder placement (230m x 20m Hoarding), running for eight weeks
  • Media City placement (16m x 8m bespoke Unipole), running for six weeks

Radio Ads

  • A Radio Live read and spot on Virgin Radio, Dubai 92, Al Arabiya and Al Khaleejiya stations, airing for four weeks
  • Our radio spots also included a competition element, offering an all-expenses trip to the top of Jebel Jais.

Google Ad Placements

  • Google Display Network
  • Google Search

Social media Ad Placements

  • Facebook network placements on Facebook and Instagram
  • Original Snapchat creative and placement

Through selecting key communication platforms, Crowd ensured a wide coverage of messages to key audiences.


Social Media Conversions
Display and Search Conversions
Contribution in Booking Sales
Crowd have excelled in their delivery as our marketing partner for the year. Starting off with comprehensive strategies and action plans, they have effectively and efficiently executed our scope of work on social media, programmatic and OOH.
Sveccha Kumar
Director - Marketing and promotion RAK TDA

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