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Web Design and Build

A well designed and responsive website is the core element of your digital marketing spectrum. Crowd has a tried and tested process to help you design and build websites, apps, or other SAAS products.

What is Website Design and Build?

Web design refers to the overall look and feel of a website, app or SAAS product.

Web development involves the actual building of the website and the development of the code that makes the website function.

The website can be built on many CMS systems, among which WordPress is one of the best worldwide. The website is the place where your customers, visitors, partners, brand ambassadors and competitors will go to find information about your brand and/or to buy your product or service.

As such, responsive web design that automatically adjusts computer, mobile and tablet formats is key to a satisfying customer journey down the funnel. Web design and development is an ever-changing landscape which requires expertise and constant learning to make use of its exciting opportunities.

Why is Web Design and Development Important?

A website is often at the heart of any digital marketing strategy and is the confluence of a brand’s SEO, SEA, social media and other marketing activities. It can be built with multiple objectives in mind, from winning and keeping the trust of a brand’s target audience to ensuring the proper marketing of its product or service.

A good website with the right SEO and UX can help more people find you, guide them to the the right content within the website, increase your credibility, and ultimately drive more sales for your brand. When done right, a website plays an essential role in moving people down the customer journey: from visitors to loyal customers or partners. Conversely, a poorly designed and developed website can disrupt the funnel and cost the brand valuable customers.

If the website is built using WordPress, you will have full control over how your brand is presented. You can choose to showcase content such as positive reviews and testimonials prominently, choose the placement of products and services, and have the deciding vote on all things design and content. The most simple reason for having a good website however, is that your competitor probably already has one.

How we Approach Website Design and Development

Our web design and build service involves six stages, from discovery to delivery to support, each with clearly defined objectives.

During the Discovery Workshop stage we gather the requirements that the project must meet. The data collected at this workshop typically consists of: user and business needs, possible integration of social media, webshops and third party systems such as Mailchimp or Zoho with the new website, and data protection requirements. We will assess the design (Brand USPs, logo and theme) and content needs for the website at this stage. Crowd may also perform further competitor analysis or user testing depending on the scope or budget of the project. At the end of the discovery workshop, we will provide a detailed technical specifications document, a tech stack, and an (updated) proposal based on the findings of our research.

Next, in the Definition stage, with UX in mind, we will outline the structure or sitemap of the website and work on the layout as per best practice for your target audience and objectives. The sitemap will be presented in wireframes, or as a visual guide representing the skeletal framework of the proposed website. We ensure a dynamic, responsive and easy to use site regardless of the device it is accessed on.

The Design stage is to develop a creative route, after which we will design the complete website. Brand guidelines and creative resources will help us to create concepts for the design of the website. Our designs are always built with the user group in mind, look fantastic and are easy to navigate and interact with.

The Development stage involves the coding of the design finalised in the previous stages. We build front end templates and develop back end functionalities and integrations. At this stage, we will enter the content into the design and ensure that social media and reporting is integrated into the build of the website.

The Delivery stage is for reviewing and fine-tuning. Once development is sufficiently complete, we will begin rigorous internal testing of the site functionalities on all specified devices. The site will then be handed over to you for review. We would ideally conduct the handover at a meeting or training session, which we will host for as many team members as required. We will make any amendments or updates that come up in these sessions.

The Support stage takes care of service contracts and service level agreements with the site CMS. It is important to keep your site up to date with the latest technologies to prevent data breaches and leaks, spam and hacking. We audit, advise and assist with all such post development issues.

The process

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