The Core Of Your Online Brand

Traditionally the focus of any digital marketing presence is a well designed and responsive website. Crowd uses a tried and tested process that delivers successful websites, e-commerce stores, apps, and other SAAS products.

What Is Website Design And Build?

Far from just a design and build process, building and maintaining a successful website is the result of a long process of research, strategic thinking and planning, well before a line of code is ever written. Understanding business requirements is key to ensuring that the website is delivering the right results.

With a proven six stage process, Crowd have built hundreds of websites for clients in all sectors around the world.

Your website is your digital shop window.

Why Is Website Design And Build Important?

Your website is a central location where your audience interacts with your business.

Crowd ensures that this interaction contributes toward a satisfying customer journey over desktop, mobile, or tablet devices. This is underpinned by a design ethos of ‘keeping it simple’, delivering an intuitive experience that leaves your audience with a positive impression of your organisation.

Whether raising awareness, delivering complex information or selling products and services, Crowd tailors the user journey to meet the needs of both website visitors and client stakeholders alike.

Web Design And Build: Our 6 step process

1. Discovery

Crowd will meet with you to discuss the project requirements, the user, and your business needs. These needs could include social media integration, or the use of third party systems. This is then followed by a design and content assessment including brand USPs, logo’s, themes and web content. Depending on budget and scope, A competitor analysis or user testing may also be performed. A detailed specification document will then outline the deliverables and make any updates to our proposal.

2. Definition

This part of the process starts with the UX (user experience). We will outline the structure and site map of the website. This is a stripped back view of how the site will function, illustrated with wireframes or a visual guide to outline the best approach. All website designs will be dynamic and responsive across all devices.

3. Design

Once the structure of the site has been agreed we will begin to design the visual look and feel, based on approved brand guidelines. As well as being visually appealing, the designs will also be used as a tool to help the user navigate the website.

4. Development

At this stage we begin to build the front-end templates followed by the back-end functionality. Crowd will also start to add content into the design, and ensure reporting is integrated into the build of the website.

5. Delivery

With all the key components now active on the site, fine tuning and testing can begin. Once we are fully confident, and all checks carried out, we will provide you with full training on the functions, navigation and features of the website.

6. Support

Our service doesn’t stop once the website is delivered. Instead we take care of any of the service contracts, including regular maintenance, auditing, advice, and on-going assistance. This is a 6 step process to deliver you peace of mind, as well as a website.

Ready To Build Your Website?

If you are looking for the best website design for your brand, then get in touch with our experts and we can discuss how to transform your business.