Bring Your Audience Together

Events are an effective way to unite everyone in your network. By hosting events online, you provide an environmentally sustainable way to bring customers and colleagues together. Since 2019, Crowd has been successful in delivering online events for corporations and governments all around the world.

What Is A Virtual Event Or Conference?

A virtual event or conference is hosted on a digital platform that acts as a hub for speakers or delegates. The purpose is to simulate an in-person event digitally, while reaching a much larger audience who are able to attend from remote locations around the world thus making the virtual event more sustainable.

Crowd developed and built a virtual event platform called GoDigitalExpo which has been used to deliver high profile online events for the British Government and other international brands during the pandemic and beyond.

Virtual events – real connections.

Why Should I Hold A Virtual Event Or Conference?

Compared to events in the real world, virtual events have the potential to reach an almost limitless audience across the world. During the event itself, social media content can be created and shared to engage an even wider audience, and generate conversation and conversions.

Virtual events also provide the perfect opportunity for data collection. This knowledge can then be used in future marketing campaigns to provide a deeper understanding of the audience. Content created can also be shared post event to drive ROI and keeps the brand front-of-mind. From a sustainability angle, a virtual event will have a dramatically lower footprint by removing the need of transportation, hotels, and other factors.

Our Process

To ensure virtual events run smoothly and effectively, Crowd has created its very own platform – GoDigitalExpo. Created from the ground up, it provides event managers with everything they need to host a successful event. Features of the platform include:

  • Event Hub Website
  • Registration Facility
  • Email Communications Delivery
  • Itinerary Builder
  • Itinerary Management Calendar
  • One to One Session Booker
  • Video Conferencing Integration

Our onboarding process helps establish the basic event and delegate requirements using a customised system. Our expert team can advise on the management of your event, are on standby to provide technical support as and when you need it.

Ready To Hold A Virtual Event?

To see how our virtual event experience can deliver real results, talk to our expert team today.