UX/UI Design

UX (user experience) and UI (user interface) design are crucial components in ensuring that your digital platform is both user-friendly and visually on-brand. Effective application of both elements will contribute to better results.

What Is UX/UI Design?

UX design is the process of creating a meaningful and relevant experience for users that are interacting with your digital platform. It involves the creation of an intuitive layout using universally recognisable patterns, icons and ensuring clear navigational signposting. The goal here is to create the best user experience by organising information hierarchies effectively. UX design can extend beyond the digital frontier and into the physical world.

UI design represents the aesthetic side of your digital platform, and determines the specific visual look and feel of your interface. UI design is the process of creating design decisions that tell a cohesive story. This involves everything from the colours, typography, and other design choices.

UX and UI design ensures both emotive and functional needs are met.

Why IS UX/UI Design So Important?

UX design will help your audience receive a positive and enjoyable experience on your website; which helps amplify your brand perception.

Your UI should focus on representing your brand in a visually pleasing and user friendly way, whilst utilising patterns with which the user is familiar. This eliminates frustration which can occur if the site is hard to use and information can’t be found quickly.

Our Process

Crowd have delivered successful UX/UI projects for a wide range of clients on a many different platforms from websites to apps, exhibition stands and touchscreen displays.

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