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UX/UI Design

UX and UI design together provide the right structure and look to your digital platform. Not only does UX/UI design ensure a cohesive branded look but also contributes to higher sales and brand awareness.

What is UX/UI Design?

UX design is the art of providing meaningful and relevant experience to users, which can be achieved through creating an intuitive layout, using universally recognisable icons, and making clear navigation maps. It is also about creating the right information structure so that the user has the best experience possible. Not just limited to the screen, UX design is involved in the arrangement of buttons on an elevator and the way a traveller is guided through check-in at the airport.

UI design determines the specific look of an interface, and how these design decisions contribute to the story that needs to be told. The colour of the elevator button, the typography and font size on the sign above the check-in counter, are typical examples.

Why is Usability Important?

Without proper UX design, it is unlikely that the target audience will find what they are looking for or complete any desired actions on your website. Effective UX design helps guide users through your website or app, migrating them down the funnel so that they contribute to higher sales and brand awareness. Good UI also design ensures that each of the component parts of the website look cohesive, aesthetically pleasing, and are on-brand.

Our User Experience & User Interface Design Process

Crowd establishes a well defined process and clear roadmap for your brand presence online, from conception to advocacy. As brand guardians, we ensure that the brand maintains consistency and quality across all its online identities and initiatives.

Our UI & UX Process

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