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Social Media and Community Management

Social Media Management maintains your brand identity across all social channels and creates a human face for your brand. Proper social media management can help your brand create memorable experiences and bring in a large audience base into your sales funnel.

What is Social Media and Community Management?

Social Media and Community Management refers to the creation and maintenance of a brand identity on social channels. The Community Manager humanises the brand and deals with its interaction with its audiences on social channels.

The broad purpose of social media and community management is to ensure that a brand’s social channels are managed in a consistent manner, and in a way that the brand’s identity remains recognisable and responsive in all its communications with its audience.

Why is Social Media and Community Management Important?

Social media channels provide one of the most important communications platforms for brands. So, having a strong social presence online is an important way to be visible where a bulk of a brand’s audience may be spending their time.

Being on social media also provides brands with opportunities to create memorable online experiences for their customers through eye-catching content and a unique voice. None of this potential can be capitalised upon without good social media and community management.

Our Social Media Management Process

Crowd’s social team specialises in creating social media content specifically designed to engage your target audience. The content we produce is created to resonate with your social media audience while staying true to and reinforcing your brand identity.

Through reactive, preemptive and proactive community management, we establish an online voice that is recognisable, approachable, helpful and memorable for your audience. Content is shared in the form of a detailed social media calendar that includes media attachments, copy optimised to the particular social channel it is meant for, and the optimal times for posting.

The process

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