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Build your brand’s reputation and credibility with search engine optimisation and marketing (SEO/SEM).

What Is SEO/SEM?

SEO is a critical component in helping you to get your website found on search engines. An effective SEO strategy will involve identifying, prioritising, and optimising the voice, image, and written content of your website.

A successful implementation of SEO strategy incorporates and manages technical page set-up, written content and language relevance in a holistic manner. Factors such as social media, inbound/outbound links and PR can also contribute to good SEO. There are regional factors to consider, so it is important to ensure that region specific strategies are developed as part of the wider plan.

A good SEO strategy will meet the needs of search engines to ensure that visitors find what they are looking for quickly.

Most web users still use search as a first step.

Why Is SEO/SEM Important?

Brands that utilise SEO can take advantage of the opportunity to reach new customers. Effective SEO enables continued refinement of your brand’s language, as more data is gathered on what words are most commonly being used when users are searching and your brand can react to target quality visitors with an engaged mindset.

High SEO rankings are important for signalling that your brand is credible and will have a positive impact on your brand reputation. A strong online presence and visibility on search engines instils trust.

Our Expertise

Our goal when applying SEO strategies is to demonstrate authority, expertise and trust for our clients brands. Our strategy is always informed by technical audits, competitor analysis and analytics research. We use this data to develop a strategy that is integrated with PR and social media to achieve the best long-term results.

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