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Marketing Reporting and Data Analysis

Reporting is the only way to compare the successes of your various campaigns and formulate your marketing direction. Through reporting and data analysis, we can visualise your brand’s marketing performance and provide a data-backed strategy for future initiatives.

What is Reporting and Data Analysis?

Reporting and Data Analysis is the setting up a system to capture and analyse performance data to measure success. Depending on the aim of the project, the analysis can be based on measurements from a brand’s own channels, its current or target audiences, and/or from competitor platforms.

The data is then used to identify key learnings and provide useful insights towards the business goals of the brand. Reporting and Analysis can be conducted on a regular, ongoing basis for generating long-term insights or for a set campaign duration to fulfil specific engagement objectives.

Why is Reporting and Data Analysis Important?

Reporting and data analysis is important to create efficiencies in a brand’s marketing spend.

It is a key way of demonstrating the impact of a particular marketing activity on a brand’s business, and tracking progress towards the specific marketing objectives and against the general business objectives of the brand. The insights obtained from analysis provide ongoing learnings that can inform the wider business direction.

A system of reporting and data analysis can thus enable a brand to continually optimise its marketing activity and maximise the success it is trying to achieve. Besides, reporting makes a brand’s marketing performance visible and provides a trackable record of what marketing investment has achieved.

Our Reporting and Data Analysis Process

Our Reporting and Data Analysis process begins with identifying your brand’s requirements and creating a custom report framework to meet these requirements. We then set up analytics tracking and a dashboard to capture the data that will enable us to make useful insights. The framework we create will be aligned to your specific objectives and business needs, and we will choose a format and frequency of reporting that makes the most sense for your brand. The learnings from our reporting can then be applied to your brand’s marketing strategy and execution.

The process

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