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New Market Activation

New Market Activation provides systematic solutions to brands that are completely or relatively new to a region. Even established brands require new market research, competitor analysis, and local SEO strategy when entering new markets to ensure successful expansion.

What is New Market Activation?

New Market Activation helps brands break into new markets (countries or regions) where they haven’t operated earlier. The service also helps brands better succeed in existing markets where they might be relatively new. A systematic new market activation approach can involve market research and audience insight, competitor analysis, and local SEO strategy for the new region.

Why is New Market Activation Important?

Many brands desire to break into new markets or fare better in markets in which they are relatively new. While such brands might have established themselves comfortably in their home-grounds, taking on a new market often requires a unique branding and marketing strategy tailored to the target audience, competition, and general market conditions of the new region. A systematic new market activation plan can help bridge any gaps and help brands seamlessly grow into unfamiliar territories.

Our New Market Activation Process

Crowd can ease barriers to entry into new markets by providing contacts, context and research on the market in question.

The process

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