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Media Planning and Buying

Media Planning provides you with a strategic approach and detailed plan for the placement of adverts across your brand’s online and offline channels. We rely on data and research to come up with your key audience personas and channels to deliver you an optimised plan.

What is Media Planning and Buying?

Media Planning and Buying is a research-driven process meant to define how advertising placements can be used to achieve a brand’s goals.

The process often also involves building effective relationships with key media partners in all global markets relevant to a brand.

The goal is to develop a strategic approach and detailed plan for the placement of adverts across online and offline channels that makes the most effective use of the available marketing budget.

At the core of media planning is the negotiation and implementation of a brand’s media content in the most cost efficient way through ongoing analysis, optimisation and performance reporting.

Why is Media Planning and Buying Important?

Strategically targeted Media Planning and Buying can greatly amplify key brand messages and create impact -from increasing brand awareness to achieving business growth.

It can help a brand reach and engage new relevant audiences, and drive desired actions from them, thus moving a target audience along the customer journey from the moment of initial brand awareness to making a purchase.

Our Media Planning and Buying Process

Crowd has a completely transparent approach to its Media Planning and Buying service, and we do not add a percentage mark-up on the media spend we manage.

We follow a data-led approach to our strategy creation. First, we clearly define your brand’s business and campaign goals. Then, after conducting a thorough landscape analysis, identifying key audience personas and behaviours (including media consumption), and identifying key channels, we create a media plan.

This media plan is comprehensive and also includes a reporting and measurement framework that can effectively monitor, report and optimise campaign performance.

The process

Let us Help You With Your Media Planning and Buying Needs

If you’re looking to improve your marketing performance through media planning and buying, then get in touch with our experts to discuss how we can transform your business and amplify demand.