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Whether your marketing budget is in the hundreds, thousands or millions of dollars, a cohesive campaign strategy is an essential component of every promotional venture. The strategies that Crowd produce stem from detailed research, data analysis and competitor investigation. Once defined, only then can the content and creative production process begin. Rushing into production with a big idea and no plan will lead to wasted budgets and poor return on investment (ROI).

What is a Marketing Strategy?

You need to know your destination before you set off. Creative marketing strategies work in much the same way – the strategy defines what success looks like and how we’re going to get there.

A detailed marketing strategy will be based on detailed research, data analysis and competitor research. Having and interpreting this information will mean that whatever is proposed for the marketing activity will not be based on guess work. This gives us a base-level of expected results before the marketing budget is spent.

Before the strategy phase begins it is important to have a clear vision of what the business objectives are – whether it’s selling more products, raising awareness or increasing business leads. All strategic activity will have this end goal at its core. How success will be measured and ensuring that reporting metrics or Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) are established needs to be built into the campaign plan from the beginning.

The strategy will be refined in collaboration between the agency and the client so that reasonable budgets and expectations can be set.

In addition the strategy may define a phased approach, which can help to optimise and adjust subsequent phases once results from early phases are analysed. This is especially useful in long term campaigns and can help to focus future activity on known successes; delivering further results even more economically.

Why is a Marketing Strategy Important?

The marketing strategy will define where budgets will be spent in both the short and long term.

With business pressures on marketing budgets requiring a positive return on investment, it is essential that the strategy is carefully researched and planned to take the guesswork out of where that budget is spent.

Basing the strategy on data and research means that campaign teams can clearly define an expected result, one that can be agreed prior to any further activity starting. This clearly prevents wasted budgets, both in the creation of content and creative and in advertising spend.

How Crowd Approach Marketing Strategy Development

Crowd’s team of marketing experts have delivered hundreds of successful campaigns for multinational companies, governments and start-ups, and each and every one began with the development of a strategy based on research and data analysis.

Once we establish the basics of what is required on a business level we can then make recommendations that we believe can deliver the best results for the budget available. Taking a holistic approach to marketing, we are committed to understanding the bigger picture in terms of any other activity that has happened before and anything that is planned alongside the desired campaign.

We combine research, data analytics and expertise to define an end-point which can be tracked and measured against defined business KPIs. We discuss our proposed strategy in detail and once agreed the production of content and assets can begin.

Our long term marketing strategies are segmented into phases that allow a ‘do-learn-do’ approach, structured to maximise budgets further by adapting the strategy mid-flight. Campaign insights from Phase 1 typically influence where efforts and budgets are concentrated in Phase 2 – constant analysis ensures we build on measurable successes.

Marketing Creative and Production

Once our destination and the route to that destination is defined, then asset production can commence. Our talented creative team have delivered marketing ideas that meet the brief with style and flair. From initial concept to the creation of eye-catching content, our production team covers graphic design, motion graphics, videography, photography and copywriters. They work closely together to ensure the vision is on-brand yet stands out in a crowded and dynamic advertising landscape.

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