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Lead Generation and Nurturing

Lead generation creates an audience for your brand’s product or service, and lead nurturing prepares them to buy your product or service. Crowd’s data-driven process ensures that the leads we generate for your brand are of a high-quality.

What is Lead Generation and Nurturing?

Lead generation is the creation and activation of groups of people that a brand can sell to, or the generation of an audience to whom a brand can sell its product or service. Lead nurturing continues the dialogue with this nascent audience once it is generated, and prepares them for the third step, demand generation. This last step solves the ‘problem’ created by lead generation, and creates demand within those people that need to be pulled out.

Why is Lead Generation and Nurturing Important?

Effective lead generation is vitally important because it is not enough to simply create an audience for a product or service. The leads also have to be of a high quality, which can only be achieved with rigorous research, data analysis and insight generation on the niche the brand is speaking to.

It is essential to speak the language of this specific subset of the market.

Once a quality lead has been generated, the brand has to take them on a journey and nurture the curiosity that has been sparked in them. It must tell the lead a compelling story and wait for them to be ready to buy their product or service. Demand generation is the term that gives meaning to the entire process.

Our Lead Generation and Nurturing Process

Crowd establishes a well defined process and clear roadmap for your brand presence online, from conception to advocacy. As brand guardians, we ensure that the brand maintains consistency and quality across all its online identities and initiatives.

The process

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