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Inbound Marketing and Automation

Inbound marketing reverses the direction of traditional marketing, and makes it so that customers come to the brand to know more about its product or service. Inbound marketing automates lead generation to a great extent.

What is Inbound Marketing and Automation?

Inbound marketing is the concept of creating a significant groundswell of interest around a product or service that inverts the usual direction of a marketing campaign. In other words, the aim of inbound marketing and automation is to encourage buyers and prospects to come to a brand to know more about its product or service, as opposed to the brand going to customers via the traditional outbound marketing methods of TV, OOH or radio advertising.

Inbound marketing generally takes the form of content-marketing, that is, producing content in forms such as e-books, graphics and videos that are valuable to a brand’s target audience.

Why is Inbound Marketing and Automation Important?

By using the content-marketing methods of inbound marketing, brands are able to automate the lead nurturing and lead generation process by up to 75%. It is important to take time to create a fully considered campaign set-up, including conducting research, collecting data and generating insights so that an effective inbounding marketing strategy can be made. In-bound marketing often attracts the best quality prospects for a brand already invested in its vision and purpose, and can greatly boost sales.

Our Inbound Marketing and Automation Process

Crowd establishes a well defined process and clear roadmap for your brand presence online, from conception to advocacy. As brand guardians, we ensure that the brand maintains consistency and quality across all its online identities and initiatives.

The process

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