Crafting A Unique Identity

When it comes to developing your brand, it’s important to consider how you plan to set yourself apart from the competition. The key is creating a unique brand identity and tone of voice that remains consistent across all channels and is protected through brand guardianship. This foundation can be built upon and modified over time as the marketplace evolves.

What Is Brand Development And Guardianship?

In simple terms, brand development is the process that establishes a unique identity for your brand. It is everything from the colours you use to the type of language you communicate with. It is this process that allows you to differentiate your brand from competitors. There are a lot of people in the world, each unique in their own way. The same is true of brands.

We start this process by defining what the purpose, value, and tone of the brand is. This is important as it informs everything that the brand stands for and forms the pillars of the identity. The brand identity communicates the brand’s promise to its audience, and therefore must remain consistent across all channels. This is where the guardianship comes in, as a protective measure to ensure that all communications are kept to a high quality and represent the brand accurately. Consistency is the key to success.

The right brand personality will engage your audience and keep them loyal.

Why Is Brand Integrity Important?

Consumers look for brands that reflect their values. Creating a unique sense of character behind your brand attracts a loyal customer-base who identify with your company. As consistency is key, a strong brand statement will create a touchstone which aligns all brand activities and when communicated clearly will present a distinct, unique voice across all channels. This is especially important in crowded communications spaces.

Our Brand Definition Process

Crowd will help you define your brand, your tone of voice and your values, helping you to create a strong relationship with your audience across all channels.

Let’s Get Started

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