Three reasons why Crowd loves Amsterdam

A sunny side street in Amsterdam

Crowd recently opened a new creative agency in Amsterdam. Three months in, we’re still loving the city and thought it would be a good time to explain why it’s such an amazing place to work and live.

A creative hub

Amsterdam is a city where versatility is not an uncommon word. There’s always something to do and you will never be bored. Sitting on a terrace in the summer and watching people stroll by, trying out new restaurants, or just walking around and exploring new parts of the city.

It’s a big city filled with lots of tourists, but if you find the right places, you can still enjoy a nice walk through the city centre or by the canal in peace. We love our morning walks to the office, when everybody is still asleep and we can just enjoy the beauty and architecture.

A forward thinking city

Although Amsterdam is a big versatile city, compared to London, New York or Dubai it’s actually still a small village. Most citizens in Amsterdam own and travel by bike to their destination, it’s the fastest way to commute within the city centre. Luckily there’s still public transport, so on days when it’s rainy and windy (which is not very uncommon!) you can just leave your bike at home and take public transport.

An image from Crowd's Instagram account taken by Crowd Amsterdam.

A global village

The work environment is absolutely amazing. Amsterdam is extremely internationally oriented, so if you don’t speak Dutch, the Dutch people will speak English. Co-working spaces are quite common in Amsterdam, and Crowd is happily part of one. A lot of creatives work in these spaces and they all have the same mindset as Crowd: work hard, play hard.

During the day we help each other grow, we help each other to develop our businesses, and after work we have some drinks together to just relax. No wonder the work – life balance is so good in Amsterdam.

This work-life balance, together with the lively cultural scene, availability of talent and innovative business location are key benefits of working and living in Amsterdam. This makes it a popular place to relocate to, for both people and businesses.

Are you looking to relocate to Amsterdam or are you planning to market your product here? Make sure to reach out to Jet in our Amsterdam office, she’ll be able to tell you all about it and advise you on the best way this.