#TeamCrowd welcomes new members

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#TeamCrowd welcomes new members


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We’ve got an exciting bunch of new faces joining us from around the world. Meet the additions to the Crowd family below:

James Woosley – Social Media Executive, Bournemouth Office

James - Social Media Executive

Languages spoken: English
Loves: Classic films and books.

‘I’m fascinated with the innovation and disruption in advertising.’

A Bournemouth University business and marketing intern, James is a conscientious and determined new addition to Crowd. Eager to learn and build on his experience from university and local business, James started his new position with the oversight of Exporting Excellence coupled with Crowd’s social media content generation.

Gianni Sarracino – Digital Marketing Manager, Amsterdam Office

Gianni - Digital Marketing Manager

Languages spoken: Italian, English, Spanish
Loves: Yoga, meditation and healthy eating.

‘An Italian digital nomad and a ‘wabisabi’ aesthete at heart, digital strategist, lover of social media and world-changing campaigns.’

Gianni is a digital marketing strategist and project manager with over eight years of experience working in creative agencies and in-house roles across Europe and Asia. He thrives when he’s able to bring measurable and practical digital solutions and innovations in businesses; when his efforts support and grow companies that want to do good and that put the end-user first in all their activities.

Gabby Bishop – Junior Front-end Developer, Bournemouth Office

Gabby - Junior Front-end Developer

Languages spoken: English
Loves: Piano playing and horse riding.

‘A total front-end fanatic with a love for all things art and design.’

As a Bournemouth University intern, Gabby has brought forward her university knowledge to help bring to life Crowd’s innovative and responsive web designs. Learning from a team of driven people, she is quickly becoming an avid front-end developer who strives to create superlative websites for our clients.

Tjitte IJzebrand de Jong – Junior Designer, Amsterdam Office

Tjette - Junior Designer

Languages spoken: Dutch, English
Loves: Cooking, baking and city trips with his girlfriend.

‘Dutch UX/UI and interaction designer in the making with a heart that beats for the user.’

Tjitte brings human-centered design to Crowd Amsterdam. With his knowledge from university, Tjitte creates eye-catching and impactful designs with user experience at the center.

Carmi Heyman – Managing Director, Madrid Office

Carmi - Managing Director

Languages spoken: English, Afrikaans, Dutch, Spanish
Loves: Mystery novels and craft beers on a rainy day.

‘In constant search of the optimal burger-to-bun ratio.’

Having previously worked in our Dubai office as our Social Media Director, Carmi has a keenness for all things social and digital. She has recently moved to Spain and heads up our Madrid office. With her experience at big players such as KPMG and BBDO, combined with her consultancy and project management skills, Carmi has helped brands like adidas, BMW, MINI and Starbucks reach new digital heights.