Shooting for Mars with #MarsShot

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Shooting for Mars with #MarsShot


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At Crowd, we always love to dream big. So when we saw the Mars Shot campaign that’s filled our social feeds, we fell instantly in love with the concept and knew we had to get involved.

The campaign is run by The Emirates and is fronted by the multi-talented actor Kevin Hart who invites people to shoot a video of themselves sharing their big dream with the world. Designed to highlight the forthcoming UAE Mars satellite launch the #MarsShot hashtag will be used to collate entries with the best 3 chosen to have their dreams realised.

Over 2500 submissions have so far been tagged and with the closing date fast approaching, we have been inspired to add 6 more showcasing the big dreams of some of our international team.

Our Global Creative Director Steve Howling said “At Crowd, we’re huge believers in dreaming big. So we couldn’t resist joining #MarsShot and trying to get some of our big dreams off the ground.”

Best of luck to all those taking part and we look forward to seeing the dreams of the 3 lucky winners come true.

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Jet Weevers – Studio Director Amsterdam

“I am sharing my dream, my #MarsShot. My dream to get our global team together in one place. Our team is amazing and we all work with each other, but we have never met in real life due to logistical reasons. Learning from each other’s cultures, getting to know each other even better, it would be a dream come true. Get our talented, truly diverse Crowd together.

@kevinhart4real and #MarsShot, thank you so much for the positivity – specifically in these uncertain times. I’m sure lots of people have been inspired by this, just like I have!”

Julia Wittich – Digital Designer

#MarsShot is such a beautiful campaign with an awesome opportunity to realise dreams every single one of us is dreaming secretly each day. Thank you @kevinhart4real and #MarsShot to give me and my team from Crowd the opportunity to dream bigger and hopefully work on further far-reaching projects with you.”

Allen Gibson – Head of Development

“Thank you #MarsShot and @MarsShotUAE for your inspiring and positive campaign, one in which we can all share our big dreams. These are highly uncertain times at current, and so my dream has become a new one and more in the Now. It is the wish to give tourism a much-needed boost, and the hope that it gets back on its feet quickly and with minimal permanent harm. As we all look to returning to normal life, it has never been more important to cherish the industry of joy.”

Francesco Adriatico – Digital Designer

“In the past few years, we have achieved so many of our goals. But to me, we have still yet to reach the most important dream. My #MarsShot dream is to get our global company to become a truly carbon negative company. @kevinhart4real and @MarsShotUAE, thank you so much for the opportunity to allow us the chance to fulfil our dream!”

Jamie Sergeant – Global CEO

“Thank you @kevinhart4real #MarsShot and @MarsShotUAE , I would like to share my big dream. My dream to to ensure everyone around the world is aware of the devastation that single use plastic is causing our oceans and our environment. We can change this, but we need to act now. Help @plasticoceans create awareness and action against this before it’s too late. We can do this but we need your help. Thank you”

Jensen Yan – China, Country Manager

“Hello, my name is Jensen, I’m from China and I’ve been working and living in the UK for a couple of years. I work at a global creative agency called Crowd with 21 nationalities on board. At the beginning when I first joined Crowd, I was struggling with understanding different cultures. When I got to know more about different cultures I feel like I find a bright new world. So as a human being it is a real pity if you don’t get to learn about the different cultures, so this is the reason why I come to #MarsShot. One of my dreams is to get rid of the misunderstanding of different cultures and let the people of the world explore, experience and enjoy how great the different cultures are.”