(Not) in Bruges

Crowd Christmas Cruise 2018

It was a weekend of ping pong, spas, quizzes and white wine.

On Friday the 7th December, the team left with high hopes of setting sail to Bruges for the annual Crowd UK Christmas Getaway. Regular readers will remember last years extended trip to Amsterdam, so we decided to play it safe with a quick cruise across the channel – no more weather affected flights for us! What could go wrong?

We boarded the wonderful cruise ship Arcadia at Southampton docks in nautical themed stripes.

Crowd board Arcadia in stripes

The night commenced with a three course meal, countless orders of wine and cocktails and finished with a round of karaoke.

Saturday morning was met blurry eyed, with no sight of land, and an announcement that due to weather conditions, we were unable to dock in Bruges. The Crowd curse strikes again!

Armed with sea-sickness tablets and a ship filled with an all day buffet, theatres, cinemas, spas and a casino, we took full advantage of a relaxing Saturday on-board Arcadia performing a loop of the North Sea. If you’ve not seen the North Sea in December, we highly recommend it.

Crowd UK in Festive Spirits on the annual Christmas Party

Although we did not manage to see Bruges, the weekend definitely got us into the spirit of Christmas and we are already looking forward to our next Crowd adventure overseas…