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The amount of plastic in our seas has reached a critical level. With society’s reliance on non-biodegradable plastic and careless disposal, more waste is finding it’s way into the food chain. More than 8 million tonnes of plastic found its way into our oceans last year.

A Plastic Ocean is a documentary film which looks at the causes and effects of this pollution. Produced by long-term Crowd client Adam Leipzig, the documentary took 4 years to complete and visits 20 locations around the world examining how the marine environment is affected.

Critically acclaimed and described by naturalist Sir David Attenborough as “the most important film of our time”, the film has achieved widespread recognition and has reached the number 1 on the iTunes documentary chart in both the US and UK.

Crowd USA has provided both website support and social media services to the Plastic Ocean Foundation who created the film in the build up to and post launch of the film in 2017.

Crowd USA Managing Director Tod Hardin said “Living so close to the sea and enjoying it in our spare time, it’s a cause we can really get behind and we’re proud to have supported the launch of such an important and highly regarded film.”

Crowd’s UK office held an afterwork screening (complete with popcorn and pizza) of the film for staff which has made us more aware of the plastics we buy and discard.

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