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Over the past month, the development team at our global digital marketing agency has worked to open up the juicy details of how we work to you. We’re pleased to announce the launch of our global development standards.

We have set out to document our technical approach and focus on supporting our two most important assets: our team and the clients they work closely with to produce excellent results.

Collaborative standards for a collaborative team

The goal of these standards is to act as a reference for our clients and developers that’s always up to date and reflective of our approach and the services we offer. The biggest challenge to overcome in maintaining any form of creative documentation is making it painless to update.

Most of the work that has gone into the standards is under the surface. Our standards had to reflect our approach: they had to be collaborative, creative, and focused on sharing our hard-earned knowledge. 

Ralph Saunders

Front End Director

Behind our standards is a Continuous Integration system that’s hooked straight into a git repository. Builds and deployments have been entirely automated – for the team, it’s as simple as updating a Word document.

For our clients

Our standards aren’t just about how our developers work, but how they work with our clients as well. We’ve chosen to document our platforms, approach, common integrations, and considerations in plain English, publicly, for anyone to read.

We feel that it’s important for clients to be able to understand what we do at a glance – without needing a glossary – whether it’s Service Contracts, Content Management, or what we can do with Google Maps.

For our future team members

We believe that telling other developers about the work we do – and how we do it – makes them want to come and work with us. If you like our standards and want to contribute to them, you can reach us at

About the author

Ralph Saunders

At Crowd I work directly with clients to craft bespoke technical solutions that deliver exceptional experiences. We take a rapid and creative approach to solving problems and always aim to exceed expectations.


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