How We Work

How We Work

Innovation through collaboration

With our global team of experts, Crowd help businesses, not-for-profits and governments grow through collaborative problem solving.

Discovering The Real Problem

Innovation rarely happens during periods of stability. Only when faced with a period of instability or a period of sustained success do businesses devote time to pushing forwards either because extra financial resources are available or, as we’re seeing during the current situation, for survival.

Organisations exist in a bubble with a narrow sector focus. Their staff are likely recruited from that sector and will prefer to play safe within the boundaries that they know.

Defining A Successful Outcome

True innovation can be achieved by looking to expertise outside of the organisation’s sector. A fresh perspective can provide the spark of an idea which can be developed into a new direction, product or service.

Crowd is a diverse global network of experts, creative thinkers and data analysts who are experienced in solving business challenges. From start-ups to governments, we have delivered successful outcomes for a wide range of international clients from our locations around the world. Using a collaborative approach, our clients have access to both our internal team and our extended network’s expertise.

With many companies forced to look at new ways of working and the needs of the customer changing rapidly, now is the right time to innovate.

Our Approach To Co-creation

Crowd’s core team work closely with our clients to get to the root of their business challenges. We help them identify opportunities and frame their requirements, looking at the big picture; their place in their market and their aspirations.

We establish the best means of providing innovative solutions whether this is handled by Crowd’s team or extended network, chosen third parties or through an open invitation to co-create.

Our process has provided successful outcomes for our clients time and time again.