Data Science


Data Science


Digital marketing requires insight not instinct, and at Crowd we take data’s potential to yield essential campaign insights very seriously.

Data Science is absolutely essential, and the marketing campaigns we create employ methodologies that include data discovery, dissection and scenario modelling.

As leaders in this field, Crowd has the skills and teams to generate meaningful evidence and insights for global government departments, corporates and private enterprises.

Facts in hand, our data supports: the establishment of internal marketing investment; the creation of relevant campaign strategies; the optimisation of paid media budgets; growth in sales; improvement of customer engagement; audience targeting and optimisation; heightened brand visibility; improvements in profits and market share.

Combining and cross-reference datasets, the data science processes we utilise facilitate the identification of areas of historic failure and future opportunity. By understanding both positive and negative trends, Crowd can create reputational and commercial safeguarding solutions – drivers key to the development of improved client conversions.

The Human Touch

Data is a factual manifestation of customer behaviour and by combining artificial and real world intelligence, Crowd can ensure that customers are connected to a brand, emotionally and commercially, at all times.

Experienced analysts deliver insights into customer actions, reactions and projected user behaviours online, vital information that facilitates campaign planning and positive commercial outcomes.

Understanding the interaction of datasets, and how to correctly assess and translate findings, is essential if we are to establish areas of challenge and opportunity.

Creative Intelligence

Crowd’s digital experiences are designed to engage, retain and activate – boosting sales and strengthening customer loyalty. To reach digital delivery nirvana, we employ what we call Creative Intelligence. Website and technology developments, UX improvements and creative campaigns each need to be benchmarked and cross-referenced against the relevant marketplace and client-side datasets if they are to succeed. The creative and practical interpretation of data really does matter.

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