A video production being edited at Crowd London.

Video production

A picture is worth a thousand clicks

Dubai FDI

  • Branding
  • Video production
  • Website design & build

Highlighting Dubai as a destination for investment

Our work for the Dubai Government included a video, website and printed materials which presented key facts which illustrate why Dubai is such a good destination for business.


  • Content production
  • Marketing strategy
  • Video production
  • Website design & build

On a mission to support mastectomy patients

Amoena is the world’s leading mastectomy care brand, creating beautiful swimwear and lingerie for women who have undergone a mastectomy following breast cancer.

Our ‘Supporting Confidence’ campaign expresses Amoena’s desire to provide customers with both emotional and physical support. The campaign was launched internally with a brand film and followed with a series of powerful breast cancer testimonials entitled ‘The day I was told’.

We then ran the videos on a paid media campaign on Facebook across UK, Germany, France, USA & Canada. In the first month, we achieved over 4 million Facebook impressions and 1.1 million views of the video content. Our launch campaign drove 1.2 million engagements from our target audience.

Thank you all for a fantastic job done - the result exceeds every expectation.

Lena Lachenmeier

VP Marketing, Amoena

Ajman Sewerage

Bringing waste water treatment to life

Water treatment is a complex process, and one that most people don’t even think about, let alone understand. So to help Ajman Sewerage explain water treatment to their customers we created a short animated video. The hero of the story is a water droplet character called ‘Azraq’ which is Arabic for ‘blue’. Azraq explains the process from start to finish in a simple, entertaining way, and allows customers to see the incredible care and attention that goes into every drop of treated water.

A promotional video for Ajman Sewerage by Crowd

Sichuan Province Tourism

  • Video production
  • Website design & build

Visit Sichuan is a government run project with the aim to attract tourists from around the globe to the Sichuan province in southwestern China

The Sichuan province is an incredible destination, filled with wildlife, nature, traditional cuisine, and vast varying landscapes with breathtaking views. Given this, we made use of beautiful photography and video footage to produce enticing videos, graphics and content to be used for the campaign.

Sichuan is also known as the “home of the Giant Panda”, so there was an opportunity to feature this iconic and eye-catching animal in our campaigns.

Ten videos were produced for Sichuan Province to be used in social posts


  • e-Marketing
  • Social media management
  • Video production

Taking a creative leap with Parkour

What better way to express the speed and agility of Razor than putting it up against real life Parkour experts? This epic race was shot in the UK, and has so far been viewed over 4 million times on You Tube.

Parkour Vs Razor: a video production created by Crowd for Razor.

Bournemouth University

  • Marketing strategy
  • Video production

An awareness campaign to recruit Chinese students to Bournemouth University

Crowd and Bournemouth University combined resources to produce an interactive campaign using HTML5 video across WeChat and Weibo to increase awareness of Bournemouth University in China and attract more Chinese students to study in the UK.

Bournemouth University app mock up
Crowd's social campaign on WeChat and Weibo