Social marketing delivered by Crowd for the Napa Valley Film Festival.

Social media campaigns and management

Social that’s worth sharing


Adidas Campaign designed by Crowd
To support a major campaign, adidas worked with Crowd to develop an online competition to encourage fans to share user generated content (UGC).
  • Social media management
  • Website design & build


  • Social media management

Giving a new camera the right exposure

To launch FujiFilm’s new X-T100 camera across the United Arab Emirates, we invited influencers to create bespoke content using the camera and share it with their followers.

Although the campaign is still running we’ve already seen huge engagement with the influencers content. This suggests the final results will be incredibly positive, and show an increase in sales, as well as awareness across the region.

Social Media Platforms Used are Instagram, Facebook and SnapChat

An Influencer campaign managed by Crowd Dubai for Fujifilm.
An Influencer campaign managed by Crowd Dubai for Fujifilm.

IP Global

  • Advertising
  • Social media management

Real results for real estate

IP Global targets property investors in Dubai to purchase real estate in Berlin and the UK. To help them attract the right investors we designed and built a dedicated campaign landing page we regularly updated with new property details.

We chose to advertise on LinkedIn to target people based on professional interests and salary, while PPC allowed us to have a presence in front of people specifically looking for property investment opportunities.

Our campaign has generated over 150 registered leads on the landing page in the first three months.

An example of an instagram post for IP Global

Napa Valley Film Festival

  • Website design & build

Lights, camera, traction

This annual 5 day celebration of world film is set against the panoramic background of California’s famous wine and food region. Our task was to simplify the event into bite-sized itineraries and allow people to create their own experiences.

To reach the different audiences we showcased different aspects of the festival with social media video adverts. These led viewers through to bespoke landing pages that pushed that particular package.

A piece of online advertising created by Crowd for the Napa Valley Film Festival.


  • e-Marketing
  • Social media management
  • Video production
  • Website design & build

Giving Razor the edge

Razor create a huge range of exciting rides with everything from scooters to Go-Karts. And since working together we’ve helped launch new products, manage retailer partnership campaigns, and collaborated with influencers all over the world. And this has resulted in a huge increase of awareness with 30 million+ social media impressions, and 5 million social media engagements to keep the brand moving forward.

Crowd are a bunch of talented people that manage to cater to our global needs from design to social media management! They are a pleasure to work with and we always feel like their most important customer although they are growing more and more each day!

Nick Tache

EMEA Marketing Manager

Bournemouth Tourism

  • Search engine optimisation (SEO)
  • Social media management
  • Website design & build

A favoured tourist destination for over a century, Crowd have helped reinforce Bournemouth’s online presence

With over 7 million visitors in 2015, Bournemouth is one of the UK’s premium tourist destinations. Seeking to build from a position of strength, Bournemouth Tourism brought in Crowd to augment and unify the resort’s digital communications strategy.


Making it easy to share good times

We created the hashtag #lovebournemouth to provide a common theme that can be used throughout the year and across multiple platforms. With 21,000 uses on Instagram alone and 40 tweets on average per day, we’ve made it easy to discover more about the vibrant coastal town.

During the summer, we began beach front patrols with our roving social reporters who encouraged members of the public to engage online with photos of the fun they were having, which achieved great results as would-be visitors shared with their friends.

The team at Crowd have worked hard to help us maintain multiple sites and advise with our social strategy and online advertising. A local company with a global outlook.

Nicola Goode

Marketing Manager