Marketing strategy with sector leading brand

Aquafeed manufacturers Skretting came to us to help with their marketing

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Understanding the brand

Crowd facilitated a marketing workshop with Skretting representatives from around the world. Being able to get 20 people around one table was essential to understand challenges from different markets around the world.

Through an in-depth report, we set out a route forward for Skretting providing a set of actionable tasks colour-coded to easy, medium and hard. This meant that work could get underway almost immediately in improving elements of the website for example, whilst longer term goals could be allocated resource in the future.

We were pleased to see a good result in increased organic traffic from basic SEO recommendations that we implemented as a short-term update.

Crowd MD Jamie Sergeant takes a group picture at a marketing workshop run for Skretting.
A workshop is a good opportunity for global companies to get together
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Making SEO feed the leaders in aquafeed

Skretting have a suite of international sites, and as part of a wider marketing strategy, we looked at how they performed with regard to SEO.

Thorough technical inspection of the website, analytics package and keyword analysis tools we were able to recommend a series of action points which have formed the basis of the companies digital transformation.

A digital marketing strategy document prepared by Crowd for Skretting.
A mockup of a metro advert for Skretting by Crowd's digital designers.
We suggested some options for outdoor advertising