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Ras Al Khaimah Tourism Authority Department

Campaign Summary

Ras Al Khaimah Tourism Development Authority (RAK TDA), was established as a government entity, with a mandate to license, regulate and monitor Ras Al Khaimah’s tourism and hospitality industry. The authority’s main purpose is to develop tourism infrastructure and promote the Emirate domestically and abroad, to both consumers and businesses.

Crowd were appointed as RAK TDA’s lead integrated agency to promote the destination, create more awareness, drive visitor booking and numbers in the destination and to promote and sell their partnered or joint investment products and experiences.

Their main KPIs were hotel bookings across the destination, social media growth and engagement as well as website traffic.

Inheriting the brand’s most recent campaign #iFoundRAK, which launched in November 2017 to encourage discovery around the destination, we had to work against aggressive timescales to turn around a new strategy that catered and resonated with target audiences.

With a media budget of over AED 1m, cross-channel campaigns split across international and domestic markets ran during Q1 (January-April 2019). The following channels included:

  • Programmatic display
  • Programmatic video
  • Programmatic B2B (OTPs)
  • Search
  • Gmail ads
  • Social media
  • OOH and radio
  • Print advertising
  • Landing page
Ras Al Khaimah Tourism

Our strategy

Audiences were segmented to families and adults, since the tactical summer offer was ‘kids go free’. The target markets included:

  • Russia
  • Dachia (Germany, Austria, Switzerland)
  • United Kingdom
  • Eastern Europe & CIS (Kazakhstan, Ukraine, Czech Rep. Slovakia, Romania, Poland, Hungary)
  • Nordics (Sweden, Denmark, Finland, Norway)
  • GCC (UAE, Saudi, Oman)

By identifying the core brand pillars, along with target markets across the globe, we were able to work with the RAK TDA global tourist offices to identify which market resonated with which ad creative. We did this by first introducing a new creative proposition as an extension to the existing #iFoundRAK campaign.

We worked into a copywriting matrix to develop a series of headlines and ad copy using emotive words for social, programmatic display and search, so that audiences could connect closer with experiences to drive click-throughs to landing pages.

We worked very closely with our partner translation agency, so that messaging was dynamic and trans-created for local markets, allowing copy to be perceived in the same way for target languages.

Whilst preparing all the assets to go out to market with, we also ran a comprehensive social media audit to benchmark Ras Al Khaimah with other destination and tourism boards. During our audit process, we assessed:

  • Follower growth
  • Number of engagements and type
  • Number of media posted and type
  • Tone of voice
  • Imagery and video type and style
  • Online sentiment

Our audit allowed us to draw insights from what the brand required to perform at a competitive level. After presenting the audit, we created an annual social media strategy that outlined:

  • Profile growth and expansion
  • Profile type
  • Media type
  • Tone of voice
  • Tracking and reporting
  • Campaign ideas
  • Updates to the strategy

Our comprehensive strategy enables us to easily translate concepts to execution and make changes to the strategy based on our KPIs throughout the year.

Furthermore, as the new and ongoing content and social strategy outlines, we wanted our content to be more authentic to resonate better with natural experiences in Ras Al Khaimah. In order to do this, we introduced a new partnership with Stackla – a leading content platform that helps harness the power of social content, allowing our teams to discover, curate, engage and analyse customer stories.

This allowed both teams to work closely together to reach out and request permission to re-purpose user content. Approved images were then saved into a media library which could then be integrated across social media and programmatic display banners.

Existing #iFoundRAK campaign video created by RAK TDA
Carousel ad formats connecting audiences with experiences
We designed multiple B2B and B2C print ads for global publications to promote the destination, its products and services

Implementation & creativity

During the execution of the campaign, we created over 150 display banners to be used on programmatic channels, which were repurposed for usage on social media. Each ad and accompanying asset were catered to:

  • A brand pillar (Beach and Luxury, Adventure or Culture & Heritage)
  • A language (English, Arabic, Russian, German)
  • A particular audience (different markets, further subdivided into families or adults)

In addition to programmatic and social media, a series of search ads in English, Arabic, Russian and German ran across key markets, including Gmail ads for the #iFoundRAK campaign.

Our radio ad was featured on the major radio stations in the UAE in both English and Arabic, whilst OOH ads were showcased in Dubai Mall Aquarium and the ice rink.



Over 150 HTML5 display banners were produced and rolled out programmatically


Gmail ad creative drove an impressive 27% CTR to the #iFoundRAK campaign landing page


During the campaign period, over 600,000 clickthroughs were achieved to the campaign landing page, with over 45m impressions across all ads.

The UAE staycation campaign achieved a conversion rate of 11.63%, on hotel landing pages during a period of one month.

Our radio competition with Dubai 92 ran for over two weeks and received over 700 entries.


Above all, we are honoured that this project has also been recognised across the world, including:


MENA Search Awards 2019w3 Awards 2019Global Trend Awards 2019PRCA Digital Awards 2019

Crowd has excelled in their delivery as our marketing partner for the year. Starting off with comprehensive strategies and action plans, Crowd has effectively executed our scope of work on social media, programmatic, OOH and more effectively and efficiently.

Sveccha Kumar

Director - Marketing and promotion RAK TDA