Three chefs as used in a campaign we delivered for Kenwood.

Community building for Kenwood

Rethinking the future of culinary tech through community building

As one of the world’s most respected brands in kitchen technology, Kenwood are synonymous with quality and innovation. In keeping with this unique profile, they commissioned Crowd to develop a secure online product innovation hub, a forum where inventive ideas could be explored and shared with Kenwood’s product innovation team and provide fresh perspectives on tomorrow’s culinary technology.

Supporting photo shoots, print materials and video production

What we did

The key to the success of this unique initiative lay in identifying and reaching out to influencers and innovators who could shape future thinking. Community building from scratch.

To achieve this objective, Crowd devised a carefully coordinated campaign encompassing:

  • Social media and e-marketing
  • Supporting photo shoots, print materials and video production
  • Community management and engagement

Having identified influencers and participants, Crowd were able to grow a vibrant community of contributors, actively involved in sharing and developing new product designs and concepts.

This pioneering project was highly successful not only in inspiring a wealth of creative product concepts for Kenwood’s design team to pursue, but also in creating a community of highly engaged and enthusiastic brand advocates.

Kenwood: The Cutting Edge

Crowd developed and managed a custom and highly engaging crowd sourcing platform allowing us to work directly with our customers to generate and explore multiple innovative new product concepts. It also delivered actionable consumer insights from the people that really matter to our business.

Robert Fields

Lead Innovation & Insight Engineer