Captivating digital audiences for Asha’s Restaurants

  • Social media management
  • Website design & build

Singing the praises of Indian cuisine

Asha’s is in a global chain of restaurants founded by the famous Bollywood singer Asha Bholse. Our task was to spice up the digital experience and develop a new creative proposition to communicate the brands unique appeal. The line ‘Spices singing in harmony’ successfully brings together Asha’s legendary Bollywood career, and her unique North-West Indian cuisine.

The proposition created the foundation for a new website and a social media campaign. And after an incredibly successful launch in Asha’s traditional regions, Crowd Dubai worked in harmony with Crowd UK to help launch two new restaurants in Manchester and Birmingham.

Asha's Restaurants
Spices singing in harmony

What we did for Asha's Restaurants

Crowd proposed a Social Media Strategy for Asha’s Restaurants that would incite an emotional connection to the culinary innovation, celebratory environment and authenticity that is Asha’s. In order to do this, Crowd identified five direct and audience competitors and subsequently conducted a Social Media Audit. During this four week audit, we analysed:

  • social channels utilised, paying attention to follower growth and engagement.
  • captured imagery.
  • content, honing in on the tone of voice.
  • previous social media campaigns and estimated spend.

Through our insights into the competitive market, Crowd identified KPIs and developed big campaign ideas for Asha’s for immediate roll out.

Crowd executed a creative proposition exercise, where we repositioned the Asha’s brand through a strapline campaign. The ‘Spices singing in harmony’ brand message served the purpose of resonating with Asha Bhosle’s musical passion and the chain’s sense of cultural enchantment. In addition, Crowd conducted a photo shoot that captured the culinary innovation of Asha’s dishes, fixating on the creative process and capturing aspects that would inspire authentic sharing.

Asha's Restaurants
Crowd produced the Asha's Restaurants website


When Crowd designed the new GCC website for Asha’s, the brand message and multi-layered images formed the foundation that spoke directly to Asha’s target regional audience.

Crowd continues to deliver digital excellence to Asha’s in the form of English and Arabic social media marketing, email marketing, content creation and SEO optimisation.

Crowd’s ability to communicate Asha’s passion for culinary excellence and celebratory nature through rich imagery, captivating content and day-to-day effective digital solutions reasserts our decision in working with them now and in the future.

Sue Potter

Managing Partner