Bringing a brand to life for Ajman Sewerage

Positioning a brand to inform and enrich the community of Ajman

A brand positioning that creates impact and has longevity

Bringing waste water treatment to life

Water treatment is a complex process, and one that most people don’t even think about, let alone understand. So to help Ajman Sewerage explain water treatment to their customers we created a short animated video. The hero of the story is a water droplet character called ‘Azraq’ which is Arabic for ‘blue’. Azraq explains the process from start to finish in a simple, entertaining way, and allows customers to see the incredible care and attention that goes into every drop of treated water.

Crowd created a brand around Ajman Sewerage's offering and goals for the future

What we did for Ajman Sewerage

As a first step Crowd held a workshop to help define the brand proposition and communication around Ajman Sewerage’s strategic pillars.

Defining a new tone of voice and creative direction we ensured that every element speaks to the needs of the community and the values Ajman Sewerage stands for. In turn we also worked to modernise the brand assets, visual language and communications across all touch-points.

Crowd created a brand that would work cross-platform – including app design

In addition to their creative insight and approach, Crowd truly understands the messages Ajman Sewerage seeks to convey. Their ability to communicate through our brand has helped build a foundation for a long-term partnership.

C. Ledur

Former General Manager at Ajman Sewerage