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Making every click pay

Napa Valley Film Festival

Napa Valley Film Festival Multi-Channel

The Football Business Academy

  • Advertising
  • Website design & build

Helping a new academy hit its goals

When the Football Business Academy needed to launch their new course we created a PPC campaign to collect leads. By constantly adjusting our campaign to focus on successful keywords we netted 18 new graduates, and helped the Academy raise their numbers as well as their game.

An example of online advertising created for The Football Business Academy by Crowd.

Tracking conversions and building a database of leads

Crowd were able to refine and optimise a global advertising campaign using both Pay Per Click (PPC) and social media advertising which delivered a multi-national group of students who enrolled onto the FBA’s initial course year.

We continue to work the FBA on building their student intake for the current academic year.

IP Global

  • Advertising
  • Social media management

Real results for real estate

IP Global targets property investors in Dubai to purchase real estate in Berlin and the UK. To help them attract the right investors we designed and built a dedicated campaign landing page we regularly updated with new property details.

We chose to advertise on LinkedIn to target people based on professional interests and salary, while PPC allowed us to have a presence in front of people specifically looking for property investment opportunities.

Our campaign has generated over 150 registered leads on the landing page in the first three months.

An example of an instagram post for IP Global

China Southern Airlines

  • Print & offline

An out-of-home campaign that works like a dream

The 787 Dreamliner is China Southern Airlines new plane, offering a more relaxing way to China, Asia, Australia and New Zealand. Our task was to create a London Underground poster campaign to highlight the comfort of this new service, and promote the low entry price. Our ‘Dream flight. Dream price’ campaign combined both messages seamlessly into one aspirational image.

A poster for the Dream Flight campaign created by Crowd for China Southern Airlines.
The China Southern Airlines campaign


  • Advertising
  • Print & offline

Quenching UAE motorists’ thirst with out-of-home advertising

Alpro wanted to create awareness around their plant powered, soya, almond and hazelnut drinks. To do this, we created their first poster campaign in the UAE on Sheikh Zayed Road – one of the biggest and busiest roads in the country.

With a vehicle density of 540 per 1,000 people in Dubai compared to 305 in New York and 213 in London – the brand grabbed the attention of over 200 thousand motorists a day.

  • Advertising
  • Print & offline