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A strong identity is key to any successful brand but the integrity of that brand identity can be a fragile thing. To help maintain the desired perception, a set of brand guidelines is a must.

Crowd’s brand is no exception, to that end we produced our own brand book to accompany our new brand positioning. Additionally we gave several internal presentations on various aspects of our brand.

While the brand book does great work in showcasing our newly refined logo, colour palette, visual language and tone of voice, it also provides guidance for our team around the globe.

Crowd look and feel guidelines from our brand book

Inform, inspire and enforce

Like any good set of brand guidelines, our brand book will;

Inform about the visual style, correct usage of our assets and our tone of voice. Rationalising creative choices and proving the method behind the madness.

Inspire anyone who uses the brand in creative work or other communications. Providing great raw materials in the form of brand assets and strong creative concepts.

Enforce correct usage through a simple set of rules. Flexible to enough allow for creativity but rigid enough to maintain consistency.

Crowd look and feel guidelines from our brand book

A vital working document

We are not simply ‘practicing what we preach’ the brand book is a vital working document. Moreover it represents a process Crowd undertakes for many of our clients.

Brand guidelines formed a key component in the recent rebranding for Rapidity. The result is a design system which is well documented and will keep the brand well-defined and consistent across all media.

If you need help with your brand strategy please get in touch on results@thisiscrowd.com

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