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Moving image is an integral part of any successful online marketing strategy and we’ve produced a plethora of videos for our clients, from start-up businesses to government departments. Our showreel above gives some edited highlights of our latest and greatest, with product showcases, explainer video, documentary and pure story-telling all represented.

If you want to dig a little deeper, check out a few full videos picked from our portfolio…



As part of a broader social campaign to attract visitors to the Sichuan Region of China, we produced this taster video showing ‘5 things to do off the beaten track’.


Dubai FDI

The Dubai Advantage initiative aims to inspire overseas business investment in Dubai. To help communicate the compelling reasons, Dubai FDI commissioned us to create a piece that explains ‘The Dubai Advantage’.

King's College Cambridge


If you’ve noticed your favourite piece of architecture looking cleaner than usual, you may have Thomann-Hanry to thank. We created a video to showcase their expertise and reassure potential clients that their system and technology are safe for any building regardless the age.



Inspired by the superhero-esque feats performed by Razor riders around the world, the ‘invisible rider’ is the latest addition to the ongoing #RideRazor campaign.



To communicate the key points of their Annual Report, leading logistics company, Aramex commissioned Crowd to create a piece that would bring the report to life for employees and stakeholders alike. Combining animated infographics with interviews with key stakeholders we did just that.



Everyone loves a bit of holiday spirit and Razor are no exception! As part of our ongoing social campaigns for Razor we created this fun-packed video to promote their ride-on products and maintain brand awareness in the key holiday sales season.

My Business


Europe Emirates Group actively supports women entrepreneurs setting up business in Dubai, we created this short piece to promote this service to potential investors worldwide.



As a long-time producer of scooters, RipStiks and other ridable toys, authenticity is key to Razor. We created this piece involving influencers and riders from around the world to help raise global brand awareness.



To promote Razor’s new line of products aimed at adult commuters, we made a short piece to show how easy it was to travel with A5 Series Scooters in urban areas.

Brand Launch


Being one of the largest London printing companies, we were honoured to have the opportunity to create a new brand for Rapidity, to support their brand launch we also created a short video to showcase what they do, and why they do it.

Intro Video


GroupClique is an all new social platform designed for schools, churches and other private organisations. Crowd has been helping them with various marketing programs, including this product introduction video featuring a variety of motion graphics.

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