The Crowd Group of Marketing Agencies

The Crowd Group is comprised of an international network of agencies that operate under the Crowd brand globally. Our expansion into new markets has proven to be beneficial, not only in opening new markets for us, but also for our clients. This is especially true of our presence in China, which has acted as a cultural bridge for companies looking to explore the Chinese market for themselves. Crowd help them navigate the processes and requirements enabling them to create new business opportunities in this exciting market.

The Crowd Group

Advised by our Board of Directors, the Crowd Group is a people-centric organisation incorporating a diverse range of cultures, languages and skills. We come together to create marketing solutions that deliver results for our clients, whether they are start-ups or governments.


A world of knowledge to bank on

Crowd bring together a core team of marketing experts from around the world. Our full time staff of 35 are supplemented by an extended network that bring further in-depth knowledge, skills and perspectives to our wide range of services.

The Crowd we assemble will be tailored to your outcomes.

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